About the West Wiltshire Beekeeper’s Association

Welcome to the home page of the West Wiltshire Beekeepers Association (West Wilts or WWBKA for short), a “hobby club” for beekeepers in and around the towns of Warminster, Westbury, Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge. West Wilts Beekeepers Association is a branch of the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association, which is a registered charity (Registered Charity No 1198735)

Our purpose and aims

We are a friendly and supportive hobby club for beekeepers of all levels of experience. We provide training for new beekeepers, and enable our members to share their beekeeping knowledge and skills with each other. We also share the broader aims of the Wiltshire County Beekeepers Association: advancing the education of both the general public and beekeepers in the craft of beekeeping, and promoting awareness of the importance of bees in the environment.

What we do

We are an active and friendly bunch of typical beekeepers who always welcome others wishing to support our purpose and aims. We can even organise customised taster sessions for those of any age or experience who are not sure whether they wish to get involved with bees. At our club apiary, we meet regularly in the spring and summer months to manage the club’s bees, provide practical training for all levels of expertise and, most importantly, enjoy the social camaraderie of other club members. In the winter we run education and training programmes including a Beginners Course for those who might wish to consider taking up this fascinating hobby.

How we are organised

West Wilts Beekeepers Association is a branch of the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association, which is a registered charity (Registered Charity No 1198735).

As a registered charity, the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association and its constituent branches are governed by a constitution and managed by a board of trustees. Under the umbrella of the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association constitution each branch can adopt its own branch rules which reflect local needs, and which are incorporated in the umbrella constitution. The other Branches of the WBKA are Kennet (KBKA), Swindon and District (SDBKA) and Melksham (MBKA) with whom we work very closely.

You can see a copy of the constitution by following this link. West Wiltshire Beekeepers Association’s branch rules can be found here.

The Wiltshire Beekeepers Association is, in turn, an Area Association Member of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), which was founded in 1874 as a national umbrella organisation for beekeeping associations.

How can we help you?

We hope that you will find most of the answers to the general questions you may have on this site. If you wish to ask a question about the West Wilts BKA that isn’t covered on this site, please contact our Branch Secretary in the first instance, and hopefully they will be able to help.