Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Principles

We will not ‘monetise’ your data in any way; not by selling it to third parties, and not by selling space to advertisers.

We take your privacy and the security of any personal information you disclose to us seriously.

We will not transfer your data outside the UK, and we will process it in accordance with UK and EU data protection laws. Although legal compliance is of course an important baseline, we will aim to exceed legal requirements by dealing with your data ethically at all times.

Our privacy policy is based on a number of simple principles:


If we don’t need your data, we won’t collect it. If we do collect data, we will delete it once we no longer need it.

Clear purpose

If you tell us something for a particular reason, we will not use it for anything else.


  • If we collect your email address to send you club emails, we will not give or sell it to third parties so they can spam you.
  • If we collect your home address, we won’t disclose it to other club members so they throw a surprise honey extraction party in your garden.

Informed Consent

We will not use your data for anything we have not told you about. Wherever possible, you will have the option to say ‘no’. We will never disclose your data without your specific, informed consent to do so.

If we know or believe a member to be under 16, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that we have the consent of a parent or guardian for the collection and use of the junior member’s personal data.


If data about you is stored electronically, we will protect it by encryption, password-based access control or both.

If it is stored physically we will take suitable steps to keep it safe.


  • Details stored on PCs will be encrypted, or access to the PC will be password protected.
  • Physical records will be kept as secure as is practical in a domestic setting.


You may ask to see any personal data we hold about you, correct it if it is wrong, and be told who it has been disclosed to. If you wish to see the personal data we hold about you, correct it, or find out who it has been disclosed to, please contact