Training and Education

We provide members with a range of training opportunities, both formal and informal.

Early every year, before the beekeeping season really gets under way, we offer a Beginners’ Course for people who are interested in taking up the craft, but have no previous experience at all.

If there is sufficient interest, we also aim to deliver a Basic Assessment Course for beekeepers with one or two years’ experience, or for those who wish to brush up on their skills.

In addition to this formal training, our Branch apiary provides members with a wonderful opportunity to work with the club’s colonies, and to spend time together learning “on the job”, swapping success stories, and commiserating about the inevitable disasters all of us have, however experienced we are!

Branch meetings usually take place monthly, and offer a varied programme. Every other month we meet up in person, which provides us with a chance to meet other Branch members in an informal setting and learn or refresh some hands-on beekeeping techniques.

We alternate these face-to-face meetings with a programme of lectures, delivered virtually over Zoom. Using Zoom in this way gives us the opportunity to bring in some world-class experts in a wide variety of bee-keeping specialisms. These talks are always fascinating, thought provoking and engaging.