As a member of West Wiltshire Beekeepers’ Association, you will automatically become a member of the British Beekeepers Association, which provides a number of benefits:

At a local level, you will have access to the excellent hands-on training opportunities available at our branch apiary. We arrange for talks and practical sessions from a wide range of expert speakers and are always keen to pursue suggestions from our membership in order to arrange further learning and development in the craft.

As a member of West Wiltshire BKA you will be able to put your name down for our “bee bank” scheme, through which members can buy or sell nucleus colonies. Members can also ask to be put on the list to be given a swarm, which is particularly helpful for new beekeepers. Members who hold the Basic Certificate and/or who have at least 5 years’ beekeeping experience can also be put on the register of beekeepers who are called on to collect swarms.

We are occasionally able to offer discounted or second-hand equipment for sale, and will be able to notify members of land that is available for out-apiaries.

In addition to all this, our club offers regular opportunities to meet other local beekeepers, providing mentoring to beginners, and a forum for more experienced beekeepers to offer each other support and suggestions. We have a small training team of very experienced members who are willing to provide advice for more complex beekeeping problems and to help us, as members, to develop our skills beyond the basic level.

Apply for membership

To apply for membership of the West Wilts BKA, please complete application form using the link at the bottom of this page and send it, by e-mail, to

Existing members do not need to re-apply for membership using this form. Each year, before your membership expiry date, you will receive an e-mail reminder to renew your membership. The e-mail will contain a link to an on-line renewals form.

The membership fees for various classes of membership are set out on the form.

Please don’t forget to ensure that you take out adequate insurance for the number of colonies you expect to have in the next beekeeping season.

Payment is made by BACS – our payee details are set out on the membership form. Please provide your nam as a reference when you make your payment. This will enable our Treasurer to link your membership application to your payment.

For questions about membership, including payments and fees, please e-mail