Branch Apiary

We are pleased to be able to announce that our new branch apiary is now open. We have excellent facilities, and members are welcome to join us for the fortnightly training sessions that we hold there throughout the beekeeping season.

Branch Apiary Session

During the season we carry out a variety of procedures, including:

  • Queen marking/ clipping and keeping hive records
  • Testing for varroa levels
  • Treating for varroa
  • Changing brood combs: new for old
  • Changing a brood box
  • Swarm control
  • Shook swarm / Bailey Comb Change
  • Clearing bees and taking honey
  • Honey extraction
  • Feeding colonies

Summer evening and everything is quiet…

As well as working directly with the colonies in the apiary, we have a large club house which we use for apiary training during the beekeeping season. It’s also open after apiary sessions for a brew, a biscuit, and some chat about what we found during the inspections, and asking and answering each others’ questions about managing our own bees.

Club House - Den has been tidying up!
The Club House – looking very tidy!

The apiary is now closed for the winter. The schedule for the 2023 beekeeping season will be posted here when it has been finalised. Our club apiary sessions begin each spring when the bees become active, and run through until late summer. They usually take place on Saturday afternoons, although the Committee is considering offering different days occasionally in order the ensure that all members have the opportunity to attend.

For more information about the branch apiary, please contact